Opportunity Roundup

Opportunity Roundup

EA and IVC applications for 2023

 Applications for the Entrepreneurship Academy and IVC support for 2023 are open. Please find all application details and form in the link.

EA applications close on 31 December 2022 and IVC sign ups don’t close but are open throughout the 2023.





Legal support for AGOF Start-ups

The Association team is pleased to advise that legal support is available through the sterling efforts of one of our Fellows who is giving back to the Foundation, by connecting us to their employer initiative at Bowmans – thank you Phetha Mchunu for this amazing and much needed platform.

Fellows, please note that this is a pro-bono service that will be taken on a case-by-case basis.  No guarantees can be provided on the assignment of the case or that the outcomes will be according to your specification.  It is also based on availability from Bowmans – please exercise patience and kindly act courteously when engaging. Once completed, please send the forms to association@allangrayorbis.org.


Additional information from Bowmans

The BOWMANS ISHISHINI LETHU pro bono project offers pro bono legal services to qualifying small businesses and start-ups.   

Operations of the clinic: On this link is the pro bono application form which is the first form the client is requested to complete. E-mail to association@allangrayorbis.org. Once we receive the completed form, we will proceed to make an assessment of the matter after which the client will then be requested to complete the FICA form.

At this stage, we would loosely state that we would want to provide pro bono legal services to businesses with a turnover of up to 1 million rand per annum. However, this is not an absolute. Due to the fact that the entrepreneurs are incubated by Allan & Gill Gray Foundation, we will accept that they will qualify for pro bono assistance under this project

Essential information we require:

  • Complete details of the business/the entrepreneur,
  • Contact person,
  • Nature of legal services required.

Please also note that we do not take on litigious matters under the banner of the clinic. Matters are assessed and approved on a matter-to-matter basis, though the client is not required to complete the forms on each occasion.

If the client does not have a registered business, that is also perfectly in order. They just need to complete the application form as best as they can with the information they are able to provide.

Once we receive the completed forms, we will make an assessment and contact the client directly.

Please do not hesitate to contact the team on association@allangrayorbis.org should you have any further queries.



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