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Fellows are co-creators of the entrepreneurial future of South Africa. And as a Fellow, you have come a long way to get to where you are today, but your entrepreneurial journey is far from over.

Within the Association you’ll find all you need to take that next step with the help of your community, no matter in what stage of the journey you are.



What is the Entrepreneurial Academy?

The Entrepreneurial Academy (EA) programme is open to all Fellows who are actively engaged in the Association and are full-time entrepreneurs or are planning to transition full-time in the year that they are applying.

EA is an accelerator programme designed to fast-track the support available to high-impact, responsible entrepreneurs in the Association through relevant, context-specific business growth support services and coaching.

EA has a dual aim:
  • To accelerate the quality of ventures developed by Fellows
  • To accelerate the growth of Fellow-owned businesses that have advanced beyond the ideation stage.

The 2024 EA applications are now open; 12 Fellows with high-potential businesses looking for opportunities to engage in entrepreneurship on a full-time basis and the support structures and mechanisms that allow for the dedication of more time, energy and resources to their ventures and learning journey are invited to apply.

Application Criteria:

  • Be a Fellow in the Association
  • Be in good standing with Foundation (and actively engaged and contributing to the Association)
  • Be committed to entrepreneurial journey development full-time
  • Must not be receiving funding from E-Squared in 2024 or previously have been in the EA or FIR programme

*Preference will be given to Fellows with more mature ventures that have a high potential for impact and growth. These will typically involve ventures that are in the validation and creation stages of their maturity.

Application Process Information:

  • Applications close on 9 February 2024.
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and Applicants will be informed of further information required if they progress through the screening process.
  • Due diligence will be conducted in early 2024, including business site visits to each shortlisted business.
  • The final selection will be based on a final pitch to a panel of adjudicators who will review the business information to make the final determination.

Venture with impact

Ideation, Validation

and Creation (IVC)

*Applications are open throughout the year

What is the IVC Programme?

As a means of encouraging ideation, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation has developed a carefully refined internal Ideation Accelerator, known as the IVC programme (Ideation, Validation and Creation). The programme allows for the exploration of an idea through curriculum, business coaching and market testing and has seen a lot of success.

The aims of each stream:

Ideation: For programme participants to learn about the key processes, tools and mindset required to spot opportunities and develop solutions to these problems.

Validation: For programme participants to make sure their ideas are desirable, viable and feasible.

Creation: For Programme Participants to get ready for funding or acceleration.

It’s up to your vision as talent nurtured in Africa to take action to establish global companies to change their community and country.

Application Criteria:

The IVC programme is open to any Candidate Fellow or Fellow who might have a business idea that they would like to pursue.

Must have a commitment to the business idea and entrepreneurial journey

  • Ideation stream: You are yet to discover a problem or potential solution but would like to actively embark on an intentional journey through entrepreneurship and the IVC Programme.
  • Validation stream: You have identified a problem you wish to solve.
  • Creation stream: You have validated your business idea, have found product- market fit, and are post-revenue.

Application Process Information:

  • Applications are open throughout the year
  • Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis and Applicants will be informed of further information required.

Are you a Fellow not running a business or looking for general opportunities to connect with the community?

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The Association exists to build and strengthen a community whose collaborative efforts result in the realisation of the vision of Fellows becoming high-impact entrepreneurs.

Areas to get involved:
Fellow Connect mixers, Jamboree, Fellow-led initiatives


The Association provides life-long learning opportunities and professional development for Fellows: Giving guidance, support and career-focused opportunities that align with Entrepreneurship.

Areas of support:
Education Funding, Corporate Recruitment Partners, Career Development Coaching, Life Coaching, Mentorship


Keeping Fellows focused on our values and ideals as socially responsible high-impact entrepreneurs. Ethics and values-based leadership is a core component of an Allan Gray Fellow.

Join open conversations:
Facilitated Group Conversations, Dialogue Sessions, Book Clubs, Online Curriculum, Expand Your Horizon


We want to educate and enable the Fellows community to access capital and ecosystem-wide support services that are much needed to further their entrepreneurial ventures and to de-risk the viability of their business concept.

Resources and support:
Pitch training, Pitch Arena, Jamboree, Investment Readiness Coaching, Table 15: Investor Meet & Greet


Provide Fellows with the tools, skills, competencies and support to engage and progress on their entrepreneurial journeys so as to get their businesses off the ground.

Programmes to join:
IVC programme, Entrepreneurial Academy

Areas to get involved:
Business Masterclasses, 1:1 Coaching

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