Applications for the 2024 Entrepreneurship Academy are now open, inviting high-potential businesses seeking full-time engagement in entrepreneurship. The program offers dedicated support structures, allowing entrepreneurs to allocate more time, energy, and resources to their ventures and learning journey.

An informational session was hosted by the Association Team on January 19, 2024, offering insights into EA’s structure and operation. For those who missed the session and wish to learn more, including information on IVC, you can access the recording here:

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The First Kudu” has garnered attention as one of The Citizen News’ top nine new non-fiction books!

The journey began when Benjamin Shaw and Lorne Hallendorff first crossed paths in university, little knowing that years later, they would be co-authoring a book while building a business together. Leveraging each other’s insights, they’ve created something of genuine value for those navigating the entrepreneurial arena.

The First Kudu” unfolds the narrative of HouseME—the victories, defeats, laughter, and invaluable lessons. This collaborative project, spanning several years, has been made possible with the support of key contributors, including Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies, Themba Baloyi, Zachariah George, and Paul Kim

“The First Kudu is written in the spirit of contributing to the start-up ecosystem, rather than as a blueprint for any particular business. We answer the question: If we started over, what would we do differently? Ultimately, it is our hope that the lessons shared through the lens of HouseME’s story will help you close the gap between knowledge and action just a little bit more.”

The book has garnered fantastic reviews from individuals within the entrepreneurial ecosystem. If you’re contemplating whether to give “The First Kudu” a read, take it from someone well-versed in South African business stories:

“The First Kudu is the cleverest take you’ll see this year on the travails of building a business. Shaw and Hallendorff penned an honest, witty account of their startup experience. A beautiful blend of humour and insight.” – TJ Strydom, author of ‘Koos Bekker’s Billions’ and ‘Christo Wiese: Risk to Riches





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