Take the Next Leap: Applications Now Open for Association Post-Graduation Studies!

Take the Next Leap: Applications Now Open for Association Post-Graduation Studies!

Dear Fellows,

The Postgraduate Application process is now open. If you are considering studying further, please read through the details below to see if this is for you.

Please find application HERE. The Closing Date is 30th June 2023.

Categories We Fund

Below are the two categories of applications we fund. Please review the requirements and criteria before applying.


Eligibility Criteria

Professional Qualification

A professional qualification is deemed to be a requirement for an Allan Gray Fellow to complete their studies within their field. These are typically board‐certified courses that also require the completion of work hours to ensure competence,

e.g. CTA/PGDA (if not done as part of an undergraduate course/ degree) and LLB.

Allan Gray Fellow who:

    • Opts to complete his/her qualification immediately after graduating.
    • Is not in formal employment and/or whose organisation does not fund such qualifications.
    • Has passed his/her final year and been accepted for the course.

Fast Track

Any qualification that propels the Fellow towards achieving an entrepreneurial goal within a 24‐month period. These are often within the same faculty as the Allan Gray Fellow’s undergraduate studies. These studies are typically a form of specialisation and allow Allan Gray Fellows to grow and deepen their understanding of a field that is in line with an area in which they are taking entrepreneurial action.

Typically, these qualifications are Honours, Master’s, MBA and Doctoral degrees.

Allan Gray Fellow who:

Has a registered business venture OR has evidence of a direct link between the qualification and the venture.

    • Is in good standing.
    • Is engaged in Association activities.
    • Has demonstrated entrepreneurial action.
    • Provides a strong personal application motivation.
    • Has advanced professional experience.
    • Has shown a personal profile and credibility.


Funding is limited to tuition only.

Funding is awarded for a maximum of two years and is renewable annually based on academic performance.

Funding is limited to R50,000 per year (whether local or international, including international MBAs).

Funding is only available for the year/s for which it has been applied. If funding is not utilized in the specific year for which it has been

approved, the Fellow will be required to reapply for future years (there is no carry‐over).

Fast Track funding is limited and meeting the criteria is not a guarantee of funding support.

Fellows who were unsuccessful in any application can reapply for funding in subsequent years.

Note: Fellows who receive Fast Track funding support are obligated to meet certain objectives (IVC “lite” and reporting requirements).


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