Newly Appointed CEO Announcement

Newly Appointed CEO Announcement

Dr. Nontobeko Mabizela named as the new Chief Executive Officer for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation


It is with utmost pleasure and excitement that I share the announcement of our new Chief Executive Officer for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation. After an extensive and thoughtful recruitment process, we have found an exceptional leader who embodies our vision and possesses the expertise to steer us towards even greater success. Allow me to introduce Dr. Nontobeko Mabizela, our newly appointed CEO.

Congratulations, Dr. Nonto! The incumbent is set to assume their new position effective from July 1, 2023. I would like to emphasize that the Board made a deliberate decision to advertise internally, focusing on the entities within the Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies group, rather than pursuing an external recruitment process. This strategic approach was carefully considered to affirm the exceptional internal talent and the capacity within our organisation, where any member of our Executive Committee could rise to lead the Foundation as expected. We, as a Board, are greatly encouraged by the presence of senior leadership within our Foundation, inspiring both confidence and trust in the important work ahead.

In terms of the recruitment process followed, during our March 2023 meeting, the Board approved the CEO role profile, initiating an immediate recruitment drive. By April, we assessed the candidates, conducted interviews, and received a recommendation from the joint nominations committee. As Chair, I presented this recommendation for approval on the 8 th of June 2023 Board meeting. To ensure the final governance step, I then took the recommended incumbent’s name to the Allan & Gill Gray Philanthropies Board, which convened on 13th of June 2023 and concurred with the decision made by the AGOF Board. This rigorous process ensured that our new CEO was selected with utmost diligence and transparency.

Dr. Mabizela’s journey with the Foundation began during its early days, and her extensive experience and unwavering commitment make her an invaluable asset to our team. As we navigate this transformative period, transitioning from a Trust to a Non-Profit Company, it is essential to embrace innovation and seize opportunities to expand our impact. With Dr. Nonto’s skills, expertise, and deep-rooted experience, I am confident that she is exceptionally equipped to guide the Foundation through these dynamic times.

You may recall that Dr. Nonto has been acting as the CEO since November of last year, demonstrating exceptional leadership. Prior to that, she held the esteemed position of Head of Impact Assurance, where she delivered the Foundation’s first-ever Impact Report, surpassing the expectations set by her predecessors. Her drive and unwavering desire to make a positive socio-economic impact in South Africa have truly inspired us all. As a Board, we wholeheartedly believe that Dr. Nonto’s dedication and energy make her the natural choice for the role of CEO—a position that requires strategic vision and strong leadership

Dr. Nonto, we wish you great success in this new role and are honored to pass on the reins of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation to you. Lead with humility and empathy, but also be unapologetically forthright when the situation calls for it. The talented individuals within the Foundation understand the demands of this position, and your EXCO team and the rest of us are here to support your leadership. Continue to exemplify the aspirations we hold for the Foundation’s work, and rest assured that you are entering this role with our full confidence and trust. As the outgoing Chair, I leave the Foundation knowing it is in capable hands.

Looking ahead, we are filled with excitement and optimism, knowing that under Dr. Nonto’s guidance, the Foundation will reach new heights in pursuit of our vision. The impact we can create, as we nurture ethical entrepreneurs and shape South Africa’s evolving business culture, is immeasurable.

It has been an immense privilege to work alongside each of you over the past decade, as we were a part of growing Dr. Allan Gray’s vision. I implore you and the EXCO team to continue to persist in our shared mission of attacking poverty by investing in, nurturing and empowering entrepreneurs and leaders who benefit society by helping to accelerate meaningful employment creation while embodying the values and behaviours of ethical leadership.

Once again, congratulations, Dr. Nonto, and let us embark on this inspiring journey together!

With great anticipation,
Dr. Bridgette Gasa-Toboti Outgoing Chair,
Allan Gray Orbis Foundation.

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