March Activities

March Activities


Family Day and the Wellness events have been put on hold.

11 March Induction CPT

11 Fellows showed up at The Lord Charles Hotel in Cape Town to host an association session for the year experience candidate Fellows. We shared on the impact of mentoring as well as our different career paths. The session was then opened up to the CF’s for a Q&A session. It was good to see the CF’s that could potentially be joining the association in the coming year. Denislav then had a session where he shared his start up journey with all the CF’s in attendance.


18 March Induction JHB

In an attempt to bridge the gap from being a candidate fellow to becoming a Fellow, 19 Fellows showed up at the Sandton Convention center to host the year specific session of year experience. The Fellows spoke about their mentoring experiences and others shared their career journeys. The session was rounded off with a number of fireside chats, allowing CF’s the opportunity to engage with Fellows and hopefully connect. CF’s feedback was that they found the session really engaging and hoped to see us more. We hope to have more contact points as the year progresses.


4 March Founders Jhb, 10 March Founders CPT

The Founders group is a support group for Fellows who meet on the 1st Saturday of each month either virtually or in person. The groups met in March in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively. Coming together for the 1st check in of the year, we encouraged each other, shared expectations and took time to celebrate each other for the proud moments of our year so far. In Johannesburg, we met at Tashas in Waterfall, and in Cape Town we met at the Tigers Milk on Kloof street. The opportunity presented a relaxed environment for us to network, find out more about the other Fellow businesses and challenge each other as we venture into 2023.  In April we will be meeting virtually.








CPT Cohort Reunion 11 March

Fellows met at Stardust in Cape Town for a night of entertainment and fellowship. With ample time to catch up and connect, we spent the night in song and dance as well. It was good to spend time together and hear what everyone has been up to in the last few years. The different stages of life that allow or don’t allow for engagement were discussed and the cohort reunion was appreciated.


Jhb Cohort Reunion 18 March

Fellows met for a murder mystery dinner at La Rosa Montecasino. The evening held space for old Fellow faces to see each other again and share around their experiences since we last saw each other. The competition allowed for engagement across the board. The food spread was delicious and the dress up party created lots of laughs.






Exec Update

The Exec (with outgoing FIR and Nkateko) have been busy over the past month, meeting with our Acting CEO (Nontobeko), the Head of PAC (Nontando) and the Director of Programmes (Charleen). Their current path is to connect with all the Heads of Programmes to open channels of communication and build strong relationships with the different departments so that we can clarify and provide access for Fellows to actively give back to the community is ways that align with their stage of life and their hearts in the given season.







The Execs, Marcel and Nkateko, also took time out to talk strategy regarding the year ahead and how they want to approach it. The next town hall was scheduled for 18 April 2023 and feedback was given to the community. The community is reaching a pivotal moment, with the inclusion sub-committee starting conversations, the vision and values of AAGF finalized and the impending acceptance of a new Director. We have the opportunity to build a foundation that makes it easy for future generations to build on and move forward from conversations that have been smoldering for the past few years.

As a reminder, there is an announcements WhatsApp group that has no conversation but is used to quickly communicate urgent or important information with Fellows, including events, job announcements or learning opportunities. The link is on the linktree so we continue to encourage Fellows to join this group. All rsvp’s and important links will be updated on the AAGF linktree. if you have any questions, concerns or queries, feel free to reach out to the exec directly or email them on


24 March Community Dinner CPT

A community dinner was held in Cape Town on 24 March. Fellows were invited to get together and foster relationships. Building community is a big gap we saw last year as disagreements grew out of the whatsapp groups. Such spaces allow Fellows to connect and see who else is in their space so that we can support and encourage each other.


Women’s Pitch Night


Venture Lab











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