2022 Reflections from Ndabenhle Ntshangase

2022 Reflections from Ndabenhle Ntshangase

In 2022, AirStudent Travel had a successful year with several notable achievements. The company was part of the Rocking the Daisies festival and handled all the travel needs of the artists, staff, and festival-goers. This project allowed us to put our mission of breaking barriers to travel into action on a large scale, and we received great publicity from the festival’s video release.

Additionally, AirStudent provided travel services for the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation’s flagship event, InnovaJAM, supporting its mission to empower young people. We hope to offer accommodation and shuttle transfers in the future. We also value our partnerships with airlines, hotels, and tech providers as they allow us to offer a wide range of options and deals, providing clients with greater flexibility and value. AirStudent also has access to the latest tools and technology to manage clients’ travel arrangements.

In 2022, we also put significant efforts into maintaining high financial compliance standards, protecting the financial well-being of the company, and working towards becoming a good corporate citizen.

In 2023, AirStudent Travel’s main goal is to achieve financial sustainability while focusing on growth. We aim to become financially self-sufficient and not rely on outside funding. We plan to ensure fair compensation for employees and directors while also meeting financial obligations for hyper-growth. AirStudent will establish a clear financial runway to inform our timeline for achieving sustainability. Another goal is to reach at least 100,000 sectors on our website by making improvements and growing our reach. We also want to strengthen client relationships and turn them into our biggest sales force by maintaining constant communication. Lastly, the company aims to grow our database to 10,000 people to better understand our target market and tailor services to meet their needs.

My advice to other fellows would be to have unwavering confidence in yourself at all times.


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