More events to look forward to

More events to look forward to

Fellow Investments and Financial Management

You are all invited to a Fellow specific Finance session hosted by Allan Gray. The session will specifically look at Fellow Investment opportunity that exists that you all have been aware of since being part of the Foundation. The session aims to clear any questions you may have regarding your investment and share further financial management tips during the trying times we are in.

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New Fellow Career Workshops

For the Fellows that were admitted in the past couple years, we have some Career Workshops that are set to assist you in the early stages of your careers. The themes are as follows:

  1. 1. Jump start your career – theme will focus on taking career ownership, tackling imposter syndrome and your inner self critic, as well as having bravery around vulnerability.
  2. Personal Branding – Introspection to help define your ‘why’, evaluate your digital footprint and touch on fundamentals of curating your own personal brand.
  3. Own your growth & future-proof yourself – Build a personal development plan, the value of mentorship and dedicating yourself to self-learning and development.

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