Association Dialogue Sessions

Association Dialogue Sessions

On the 24th of  May 2023, the Association held its first Dialogue Session for the year. The theme of the event was Fellow Conversations: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and it was facilitated by social justice advocate and scholar, Asanda Ngoasheng.

This event took place in a hybrid format, with physical workshops at the AGOF offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town respectively, and the option to join the event virtually. The event was organized by the Fellow in Residence (FIR), Sandrine, Jacqui from Exec and the Association Director, Wande. This dialogue session was a well-attended, engaging and insightful event that involved themes of self-reflection, emotional awareness, identity politics, discrimination and bias. Fellows were encouraged to review and contemplate on their own values; as Asanda made important probes on how to be kind and teachable with regard to one’s core beliefs, what it means to be a socially responsible member of a community and how we can hold ourselves accountable for our prejudices. The group unpacked case studies that dealt with subject matters of racism, queerphobia and transphobia.

Overall, the event entailed having important and critical conversations and Fellows were very receptive to its contents, which by any measure is a sign of a successful Dialogue Session.


Written by Sandrine Mpazayabo

Edits made by Tehillah Dube


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