Splush Mobile

Splush Mobile

Daniel Ndima, MSc Biochemistry Nanoscience, AGOF fellow and serial entrepreneur. He was part of the graduating class of 2013. Since graduating into the fellowship, Daniel has worked relentlessly toward becoming a high impact entrepreneur.

Daniel joined the IVC (ideation, validation and creation) program at the beginning of 2018. The business idea he sort to validate is Splush Mobile. Splush Mobile is a mobile application software that allows vehicle owners to book a carwash wherever they are in South Africa. The analogy used by Daniel is ‘an Uber for carwashes’. The app is available on the Google Play Store, however, it requires updating and will be launched on IOS once all creases have been ironed out. The Splush Mobile team consists of four partners. Daniel, who oversees the overall operations of the business, two software developers and one financier.

Dineo Lioma is credited, by Daniel, as the person who motivated him to join the IVC program. Upon joining IVC, the main objective for the Splush Mobile team was to secure business mentorship. This would assist Splush Mobile in building a strong business case, which would enable them to pursue funding for expansion. Splush Mobile managed to secure grant funding, offered by E Squared, to the value of R30000. This funding was used for market interaction. Specifically, to attract the early adopters, as well as forming partnerships with service providers (carwashes). Splush Mobile, at present, has successfully partnered with 100+ service providers and is looking to expand this portfolio.

Daniel says that the IVC program exceeded his expectations. He and his team were overwhelmed by the amount of support offered by the IVC. His advice to fellows, thinking of joining IVC, is to go ahead. He adds that it would be useful to be well researched on your business concept prior to entering in order to gain the most out of the experience.

Currently, Daniel is working on two businesses. Splush Mobile and Cape Bio. Cape Bio is a cutting-edge biotechnology startup that is working to commercialise enzymes used in life science disciplines such as molecular biology. The enzymes are used to manipulate DNA. These enzymes will be used mainly in research communities such as universities. It is the first of its kind in South Africa and is said to have huge earning potential.

In conclusion, it is safe to say that Daniel is well on his way to becoming a high impact entrepreneur. We wish him strength and resilience on his journey.

Splush Mobile is on all social media networks as @splushmobile or @splush_mobile

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