Know the Association Fellow Executives

Know the Association Fellow Executives



Jacqui-Anne Watson

I’m a passionate problem solver who uses service design thinking to find solutions to complex developing world problems. My primary focus is working with governments, NGOs and social impact organisations across Africa to design and build national-scale digital health services.




Ludwick Marishane

He has been a director of the Global Shapers Johannesburg Hub since 2017 (an initiative of the World Economic Forum); where he also served in the Treasury and Hub-Curator roles. He is working on an innovative youth-led political party/election system and would like to use the Association’s constituting process as an opportunity to learn the tools needed to legally structure his political initiative. He served the association as the Ventures Portfolio lead in 2013-2015.




Luntu Quntana

My vision is for the council to be an inclusive body that meets fellows wherever they are on their journeys.

I envision a relatable body where access to the resources the Fellowship offers are shared with Fellows and a sense of community is fostered through creating spaces for collaboration, conversation and play.









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