IVC Update: Lonwabo Ngoduso (Lemon Style)

IVC Update: Lonwabo Ngoduso (Lemon Style)

Lonwabo studied mechanical engineering at UCT. He is part of the 2017 graduating cohort.

Lonwabo entered IVC for the first time this year. His reason for entering is a lack of structure in the process he was following in an attempt to start his business. Prior to IVC, he was doing a lot of things that were aimed at starting the business, however, he realised soon enough that he was not going about it the right way. The IVC program was able to provide him with the necessary tools to build his business. “The resources provided by the IVC have been very helpful. Warren has been at the top of his game”, says Lonwabo.  Aside from the course structure, Lonwabo credits his business mentor, JD Nel, for being his knight in shining armour after every week. He goes on to say, “JD is really good at deconstructing my thoughts and easing my frustrations”.

The business Lonwabo entered into IVC is called Lemon Style. Lemon style caters specifically to the needs of busy professionals who simply do not have time to shop for clothing, but still wish to look dapper. If you find yourself facing this problem, then get with the Lemon Style.  They offer a selection of services aimed at addressing each client’s clothing preferences. The attention to detail and effort put into each client is what gives them the edge. From personal consultation to safe delivery of your wardrobe to your doorstep, Lemon Style is with you all the way.

The business is currently based in Cape Town. However, Lonwabo sees more potential for his business in Johannesburg. The business has attracted a number of early adopters, which is exciting. The client base continues to grow as the days in IVC go on.  Lemon Style has managed to successfully launch its website. Fellows are encouraged to check it out. It may be the answer to your problems. The website is www.lemonstyle.co.za .

Lonwabo’s advice to anyone wanting to join IVC is as follows, “If you are thinking of starting a business, this is the best way to start. So just join IVC and start”.

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