Forum Update

Forum Update

All around the country – once a month – different groups of Fellows meet over good food and drink to unravel life’s mysteries in ways only a fellow can. These informal meetings aren’t magical occurrences nor are they just a gathering to catch up but are actually structured meetings where Fellows aim to provide innovative problem solving to life’s biggest questions. For those of you that haven’t discovered this phenomenon, these meetings are called Forums.


What happens at a forum?

The content of each Forum session is determined by the individual Forum, you discuss content and topics important to you as a member. The only thing that is constant across all Forums is the structure and manner in which the session is run. Topics typically range between extremes, everything from time management, career options and entrepreneurial ideas to challenges in your personal life and with family.


Who can join a forum?

Anyone can join. Ideally, a forum will have between 6 to 8 members.


When do forums happen?

They happen for 2- 3 hours once a month (or as determined by the group needs). The next forum meeting is scheduled at each forum.

Where do forums happen?

Anywhere that the members choose. The venue can be in a public area such as a restaurant or a private venue such as the home of one of the Fellows.

How do you join a forum?

  • Joining a Forum: Email Sharon ( and she will allocate you to a Forum or create a Forum for you.
  • Attending your first Forum: The Forum Facilitator will coordinate a date for the next Forum session with the whole group.


Why forums?

Did you just get bad feedback at work, do you feel stuck in life, need help with a decision on relocating, did your landlady throw you out, colleague steal your idea, did your first venture fail, are you wondering about whether you should buy your first house, not sure if you are ready to quit and start up, are you bad at time management, do you feel like the only person who doesn’t understand how to deal with conflict, do you feel like you have something you’ve learnt that you could share with others, do you need a space to reflect, do you need an objective opinion? Join a forum!

It will help you solve/draw up action items/ decide/ guide/ deal with/ resolve and GROW… It’s about YOU and how the group can contribute to your life, whilst you contribute to theirs. This is hardcore problem solving and development no fluffy fuzzy stuff. Build strong lifelong relationships with Fellows, contribute to creating a solid culture in the Association and craft a network and support structure of amazing like-minded people who can help you face whatever you decided to take on in life.

Don’t be left out. Join a Forum!


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