Community Update

Community Update

Half the year has passed already! It has been great meeting some of you in person. We kicked off these in-person session through the Admission Ceremony Regional Connect Sessions in May and June this year. We want to encourage the Fellows in those regions to continue to remain connected as a community and we will slowly connect them to the wider Community through various Fellow Meet Ups.

The exciting news of Jamboree 2022 will see the entire Community come together in its large numbers. Please block out the 30 September to 1 October 2022 as the official dates for this amazing event. We will be calling on Fellows to play various roles in making the event great for all. Bring your energy and excitement to the event as you meet members from across all the programmes.

We welcome ideas from Fellows regarding various in which the Community can come together in a manner that is welcoming to all. If you would like to host an event or know of various events that you feel would be great opportunities for the community to get together, please reach out and we will explore what is possible.






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