Ventures Portfolio


The Ventures portfolio provides Fellows with the tools, skills, competencies and support to engage and progress on their entrepreneurial journeys. Have you started a business and are looking to join a community of entrepreneurs that will support you in becoming a business leader? Perhaps you’re employed full time, but you run a side project that you hope will develop into a fully-fledged product and business? Maybe you’re doing neither of these because you’re still trying to discover your passion and interests. Whichever box you tick, the Ventures Portfolio has something for you. The Ventures Portfolio aims to equip and support Fellows to start and grow enterprises.

  • Our various programmes are designed to help you come up with ideas (I), validate those ideas by proving they could work in the market (V) and create a product (C). Collectively, they are known as our IVC programme.
  • Another essential programme is the E2 Accelerator, which is intended to speed up and amplify your growth.

Our Entrepreneurship Induction (EI) course has a different focus – it helps you to explore the intersection between your passion, current trends – both local and global – and the change you want to see. This year’s Ventures portfolio is primarily focused on Fellow’s respective entrepreneurial journeys rather than the ventures that they create. We believe that the Speaker series, followed by a themed challenge will deliver the most value to our community. This activation will also allow them to explore entrepreneurship in their current employment context, with the hope that they will explore the option of intrapreneurship, running a side-hustle or running a business full-time.

The Portfolio Head who is a member of the Executive Committee for the Ventures Portfolio is Dineo Lioma. The Fellow in Residence is Thandeka Xaba, and the Foundation Talent Member who is responsible for the Ventures Portfolio is Warren Cronje. There are 3 sub-committee members who are comprised of Fellows who have volunteered to give their time to doing work on the portfolio.