President Portfolio

Association President

The role of the President of the Association of Allan Gray Fellows is to ensure alignment between all the portfolios. The president also acts as a link between all the stakeholders involved in our collective entrepreneurship journey – the community of Fellows, the Foundation and E Squared.

The Association of Allan Gray Fellows will continue to contemplate and engage in entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurship ecosystem in South Africa. We will continue to work collaboratively with a strong focus on experimentation and learning. We are particularly reflecting on entrepreneurship through three specific lenses;

  1. For profit businesses with a focus on job creation
  2. Social entrepreneurship with a strong focus on tackling social
  3. injustices and
  4. Entrepreneurship within corporate structures.

We are using this mode of operating to think holistically about how the Association can assist in supporting fellows in solving some of our most pressing problems: poverty, unemployment and inequity. In the past year, the community has worked hard to build a solid foundation and now, we look forward to building on all that hard work towards new horizons, especially with regards to the lenses as mentioned above. We are setting an intention for the year ahead to pursue growth in challenging times deliberately.