Leadership Portfolio


The Leadership portfolio is about making Fellows more aware of the social issues around them and inspire them to tackle them entrepreneurially. Fellows will learn about and be interactively engaged in the problems facing the majority of South Africa. The Leadership Portfolio is specifically for Fellows interested in social justice; the informal economy; Fellows in academia; and Fellows who have entrepreneurial intent but not an idea.

The objective of the Leadership Portfolio is to equip and support Fellows to become responsible entrepreneurs. It is especially concerned with ensuring that Fellows who are not full-time entrepreneurs still grapple with issues related to being a high-impact, responsible entrepreneur in the African contexts.

We aim to achieve this by providing world-class leadership development opportunities to enhance the leadership capacity of each Fellow (with a broad focus on responsible entrepreneurship). Although the programme is for all Fellows, it is mainly geared towards those Fellows who are currently not engaged in enterprise or are still en-route to doing so. The programme will see Fellows engaging with issues of ethics, personal leadership and social context – all elements they have the potential to transform as a responsible entrepreneur.

Questions that guide the Leadership Portfolio:

  • How do we continue to place emphasis on the two concepts of connectedness and self-leadership?
  • What is the latest thinking in entrepreneurship?
  • How do we tap into the local and other entrepreneurial ecosystems?
  • What ethical and societal issues will we as responsible entrepreneurs have to face in the coming years in the South African and African contexts?

The Portfolio Head who is a member of the Executive Committee for the Leadership is Bandile Ngidi. The Fellow in Residence is Lowell Scarr, and the Foundation Talent Member is Wande Madikane. There are 3 sub-committee members who are comprised of Fellows