Association Opportunities

Association Opportunities

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E2 believes in the transformative potential of outstanding South African entrepreneurs. We are an impact investor which means that we seek to achieve both financial returns and social impact. We define social impact as attacking poverty and inequality. We do this by investing and supporting enterprises that create jobs, conduct business with the highest consideration for all stakeholders and contribute to positive transformation in South Africa and the continent. This is what we call responsible for entrepreneurship.

E2 was formed in 2007 as part of Allan Gray Proprietary Limited’s empowerment initiative and invests own funds allowing us the ability to be patient and flexible with our investment thereby giving our entrepreneurs the best chance to achieve their objectives.  We adopt a long-term approach to our investment and impact objectives and partner with our investees to achieve lasting impact for and beyond themselves through innovation and enterprise. Our portfolio includes enterprises founded and co-led by eligible Allan Gray Fellows and Social Enterprises.

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Fellows in Residence

The Fellow in Residence opportunity is an internship opportunity for new entrepreneurs to receive support from the Association on their New Journey.  The Fellow is required to commit half of their time to the Association work and another half to their business.  The Fellow would be involved in fulfilling the mandate of the portfolios that the Association runs i.e. Community, Leadership, Ventures, Careers and Capital.

Postgraduate Funding

Applications open around May/June each year for the following academic year.

The Criteria is as follows:

  • Applicants should be graduated Fellows – i.e. have completed both the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation Entrepreneurial Leadership Programme and a first university degree
  • Applicants should provide evidence of academic excellence
  • The proposed postgraduate studies should be congruent with the Fellow’s career path and entrepreneurial aspirations and contribute to the mission of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation
  • Citizenship of South Africa
  • Minimum of 70% average for the undergraduate degree and/or significant academic performance during the final year of studies

Funding is R50 000 for local postgraduate studies, R50 000 for international postgraduate. R175 000 for International MBA or Masters.

Short Course Funding

This funding is specifically for opportunities such as short course studies or conferences that may arise where a Fellow may require assistance. The total amount of R20000 once off per Fellow. This is a limited opportunity where a set amount is afforded every year and is not always available.