Community Portfolio


The Community Portfolio serves to promote a sense of community within the Association of Allan Gray Fellows by creating opportunities for Fellows to engage meaningfully with each other and nurture the bonds that would have begun in the Foundation. Our methods of igniting engagement are implemented through two mediums – physical interaction (at events and through forums) and community updates (through the use of the newsletter and targeted communication). Our hope is that Fellows would look to the Association as a source of support, inspiration and friendship. The community portfolio aims to bring together the body of Allan Gray fellows by inspiring a sense of community amongst them. The hope is that this community would find within itself opportunities for collaboration that would result in the formation of entrepreneurial enterprises.

Our activations offer a window into the Association ecosystem. Fellows helping other fellows do life better whether it be in the realm of establishing a corporate footprint, mapping out a new venture or navigating adulting. We offer the benefit of a solution-based community to bring entrepreneurial thinking into the real world. Particularly where fellows are in a forum this works best.

The Portfolio Head who is a member of the Executive Committee for the Community is Sharon Kunaka. The Fellow in Residence is Esethu Cenga, and the Foundation Talent Member is Wande Madikane. There are 3 sub-committee members who are comprised of Fellows who have volunteered to give their time to doing work on the portfolio.